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Lakeridge Winery October 7th, 2006
Story and Photos by Ken "Dusty" Havens


Ken "DJ Dusty" Havens, one of our roving reporters, took in Lakeridge Winery's Annual Vintage Car Show.  He files this report and photos.



It's Dusty again. I went to the Lakeridge Winery annual Vintage Car Show on October 7th.

First place trophy went to this beautiful Ford 5.0 powered 35 Ford Coupe driven to Florida from Illinois. The man's name is Frank and he was a pleasure to talk with.


The very same Frank owns this 50 Mercury with the same type power. It also was driven down by a close friend of the owner.

This 58 Impala was a winner too.

This 48 Lincoln had a flathead V-12 for power.


Here's a Pontiac powered 48 Pontiac.


MG owners were out in force. The "T" models in the background are not replicas.


This 59 Ford Country Squire came complete with a surf board.

I was impressed with the number of like powered cars and trucks. Here's a 48 Ford P/U with power by 5.0.


This 50 Chevy 3100 P/U was a trophy winner.


I would have to say this 51 Chevy sedan delivery (not woody wagon) had the most amazing paint. The windows and wood are all air brushed by the owner. And the wood looks like it's 50 years old.


This is a 48 Chevy BIG panel truck. It's been pro/streeted and was very cool.

The 69 Olds 442 was really sweet.

I think the largest car there was this 76 Chrysler wagon. It seemed to go on forever.

This 28 Model "A" had V-6 power.

Yours truly had to be there with my ever changing display.


This was registered as a 49. I think these shoebox/birds are pretty cool.


Johnny De Rose put on a great Tribute to Elvis show.

Be Safe,
 ______ Dusty





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